Thursday, May 5, 2011

Adding Dependent Search Phrases To Core Terms

How to start SEO for my new site

Keyword Analysis - part-II:

After you have collected the core terms (Keywords) form your site, do the same thing with your competitors site(s) those are enjoying top positions in search engines. Many core terms will be specific to certain sites, depending on what they offer, so only keep records of those that relate to your business products and services.

You may find some ambiguous terms as to what the searcher is looking for, when in doubt add them to your lists, you can eliminate it later. On the other hand, any term that obviously doesn’t relates specifically for your site should not be added to your list.

Note: You might want to try and capture from searchers looking for a specific product of a competitor which you don’t offer, this should be done with great care, if you wish to have a list of these search terms or keywords, make a separate record of them for the main core terms those are relevant to your business (products or services)

Before concluding your core term research be sure to wear out the following resources:
  • Words you feel people would type in, to find your website, its products and services, etc.
  • What questions your visitors will be asking about your products and services.
  • What visitors are trying to accomplish.
  • Audience needs: phrases that describe problems which are addressed by website.
  • Industry glossaries and reference materials.
  • Thesauri, taxonomies and ontology.
  • Websites listed in related categories of the Yahoo! Directory.
  • Geography dependent search phrases.
  • Cost dependent search phrases.
  • Technology dependent search phrases.
For example, if you sell leather bags in Hyderabad, and don’t have branches in other cities, then it would be good to good to add a suffix or prefix to your core term like (Hyderabad leather bags / Leather bags in Hyderabad). Suppose in the keyword suggestion tools the phrase “Leather Bags” has good amount of hits per month/day and the phrase (Hyderabad leather bags) doesn’t have hits, so the best way to manipulate your keyword phrase is “Leather Bags in Hyderabad”. This is because the phrase “Leather Bags” gets huge hits, so make use this phrase and see the term Hyderabad follows it. This will be a 100% relevant keyword phrase for your business as you sell leather bags only in the city Hyderabad. This phrase will make visitors easily find you online. You can make use the above resources to get 100% relevant and weighted keywords for your website.

In the next tutorial I will be going to post how to do keyword search using different Keyword tools and how make an excel sheet.


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