Friday, April 6, 2012

Freelance Web Design Projects

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Freelance Web Design Projects

As am one of the Freelance Web Designers, have uploaded some of my freelance web design projects below. These are all small business web design projects, totally affordable. I design websites for small business owners who can't afford a big expensive web design company.

Instavc - Desktop Video Conferencing:

Instavc desktop video conferencing
This is a static website, deals in Desktop video conferencing. PeopleLinkinstaVC supports your business communications demands with the most revolutionary technology. PeopleLink is committed to delivering the industry’s smartest, easy to use and low cost video conferencing products and services to organizations around the world.


This is a static website. It seeks to create a forum to answer all your quests, and to explore the secrets of the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe. At ShivRahasya, it combines all the Divine energies (individual, and Universal) to bring about a Synergy Healing. This is possible only with Pure intentions, and dedication.


This is a static website. MediSigma LLC is a medical transcription service provider located in Wilmington, DE has been providing HIPAA-compliant medical transcription services with fast, accurate, affordable, and reliable services to the medical community. MediSigma utilizes high-end technologies that will meet your needs within your budget. Services are customized as per client requirements.


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