Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Top 10 Alternatives Of Delicious Site

Top 10 Alternatives Of is one of the important bookmarking sites on the web today. It helps in search engine ranking and provides huge number of hits for a bookmark, if it is done properly.
There are sites with are similar to Delicious. I have put down some websites from my collections which are alternatives to Delicious.

Blinklist has some of the same features that Delicious has, like quick bookmarking and sharing with others. Pages can be read offline, as well. But … there doesn’t appear to be a way to import bookmarks, so this is probably a non-starter for existing users.

Connotea acts in much the same way as Delicious does. You can add interesting web page to your library, and can add keywords for later retrieval. This bookmarking site advertises itself as a service for “Scientists, Researchers and Clinicians.

Diigo is almost similar to Delicious, it lets you save your web pages, files, images video and much more. It advertises itself as a personal information management services. It provides its tool bar to bookmark web pages and a bookmarklet in your web browser.

Evernote is not just for bookmarking web pages like Diigo. Search Marketers are using Evernote instead of Delicious. You can save your web pages as URLs or just text clippings.

Faves is not a pure bookmarking site; you can say it is a combination of Delicious and Google Reader. You have to install its toolbar in your browser and that is how you save content. It can come under the category of content discovery.

Google Bookmarks, who doesn’t know this site, you may already be using it. You can use Google tool bar to save your discoveries and liked web pages. There is various ways to add pages to Google Bookmarks, and even it supports importing bookmarking too. offers one click savings; it makes snapshots of web pages when you save them. It provides tagging and full text search options too. It doesn’t support importing bookmarks from other bookmarking sites. There are Limited free account options, but if you have more than 300 bookmarks, you’ll need to use one of the paid accounts.

Instapaper allows you to save web pages for reading at a later time, but creator Marco Ament warns that it’s not “optimized for keeping track of thousands of pages. This isn’t the right tool to collect, categorize, tag, filter, and search the contents of every web page you’ve ever found.

Pinboard is not a free service. It offers a basic service for about $7 (one-time fee) or an archival service for $25 a year. The archival service stores copies of your bookmarks and provides full-text searching.

Zootool isn’t just for URLs; you can save images, documents, and other web-based content. Saving is done via a bookmarklet and, unlike’s blue links. It saves your content as thumbnails. It offers organizing tools like tagging, too.


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